Day 8: A Day to Linger

We did it…We started this journey one week ago, last Sunday!

Let’s celebrate in the fact that God is working through us in so many ways:

– Eyes are being opened
– Knees are getting carpet burn
– Families are getting along
– God is working in the midst of addiction, spiritual warfare, and more
– Hearts are being stirred
Sacrifices of praise are being sent up
– Circles are being marched
– Circles are being drawn
– Circles are being re-traced every single day
– God is meeting us wherever we are
– Revival is starting within you and me

Today is my Sabbath – a day of rest, a day to LINGER (remember that from 1 Word Wednesday?).

I’ve mentioned that God is calling me to focus on slowing down my life and pace. The Sabbath is a great place to really work on this. I am seeking intentional ways to unrush and let the unhurriedness spill over into my children and relationships with others.

Last Sunday was the first time I practiced this fully and the day was so completely unlike those before.

I’m back again to do the same and I invite you to join me.

My unrushed Sabbath looks a little like this:
– Keeping my 6am appointment to seek God in prayer
– Setting an unrushed tone and pace first thing in the morning and carrying that throughout the day
– Less planned activities on the calendar; more time to sit, reflect, rest, read, and linger
– Less focus on the never ending to-do list; more focus on recharging my mind, body and soul
– Resisting the temptation to plow ahead from one thing to the next. Accept a natural rhythm.
– Let. It. Go.
– Breathing a little deeper, and slowing down to take in the life and people God has purposefully surrounded me with. Exhale.

Day 8 in our book talks about One God-Idea.
This is a great quote to linger on for a bit:

“If we hit our knees, the Holy Spirit will do the heavy lifting. If we hit our knees, the Holy Spirit will reveal things that can only be discovered in the presence of God. If we hit our knees, the Holy Spirit will give us God-ideas for our ministry, family, business – for our lives.” (pg 55, Draw the Circle)

Join me in slowing down today. It will allow God to move in us as we be still in Him.

And feel free to share your comments below of what slowing down looks like for you!


10 thoughts on “Day 8: A Day to Linger

  1. From Karen:
    Slowing down is a great idea and something I am trying to do. I usually try to get one more thing done on my list done. I DON’T like to leave thing undone. If I clean the kitchen I want to do it ALL. Some of my family and friends say this is OCD. Slowing down for me will be learning how to leave some things undone. Jesus will really have to help me with that one.


    1. Karen – I’m the same way! I have the perfectionism OCD, ha! I can’t stop until it’s exactly right – and that is something that I’m having to lay down as well. Thank you for sharing!


  2. From Diane:
    Slowing down, listen, follow His guidance and Love all the way. Getting into God’s presence, and allowing Him to do what He needs to. Since I have been invited into the Souther Piedmont Art Guild I find my life has become busier than I can keep up with, All my hours are spent drawing or painting for shows,exhibits and classes. I prayed so long for a priviledge of this sort, but I find now that I have it I question it, So I am putting the brushes aside for time with God, and if He wants me to keep painting He will make a way. He is first.This circle is a God send to me and I look forward daily to reading the comments and seeing the growth and commitment everyone is experiencing. I know this is going to change all our lives. Keep on writing Starr, you will have a best seller one day.


    1. Diane – I’m so glad you are with us. Your painting is such a wonderful example of how God is using a talent for His glory! I am praying that God will reveal to you His plans for your painting and that it will not be a hindrance, but a source of strength that you find in Him! And this has surely been a God send for many of us – thank you for your encouragement!


  3. From Melissa:
    God and I are working on communication. All of it. Including listening and thinking about my response with the people I love the most. All who know me know I am not good at this! I know how big my God is, and my journey has begun. Prayer (communication with my God).


    1. Melissa, communication is one of those things – if we get it right, so many other things in our life become easier. The same with God and people – if we put efforts into communicating, the better relationships we have! So excited about this journey and how God is speaking to you!


  4. From Aunt Deb:
    Well….day 8, are you still praying circles? I’m still walking mine as soon as I get up, but yesterday and today…was a little embarrassed as I was walking in the early sun (7, not 5:15). I wondered who was looking at me as I went round and around the house. My husband even stuck his head out the door this morning and wanted to know what I was doing. Told him I couldn’t talk right then. STILL having to work on the faith part…yes, I’m drawing circles physically and spiritually, and I KNOW we serve a GREAT GOD, but will He honor my efforts? Our biggest problem is our small view of God. That is the cause of all lesser evils. And a high view of God is the solution to all other problems. – Draw the Circle, p. 56 – Pray on, I tell myself, Pray on!!


    1. Aunt Deb – I am STILL CIRCLING! I can see you outside walking in the daylight trying to walk as fast as you can around that house…hahah! And I can see uncle Steve looking out at you thinking you have lost your mind!! Keep circling, yes – we serve a GREAT GOD and He is already working in ways that you can’t see, I just know it!


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