Day 7: Make a Move

“If you want to see God move, make a move.” (pg 51 – Draw the Circle)

“We’re so close to the dream, so close to the promise, so close to the miracle. But we’re waiting for God to part the river, while God is waiting for us to get our feet wet.” (pg 51 – Draw the Circle)

Today, getting my feet wet looks like:

  • Getting up at 6am on Saturday morning for my daily appointment to pray and seek God when I have no where to be anytime soon. It would have been way easier and more comfortable to have my appointment at 9 or 10am. But, I asked God a few months back to start making me uncomfortable…
  • A commitment to write something, write ANYTHING everyday – in order to answer a stirring in my soul. Even when I don’t know what to write about – just write.
  • Purposefully setting a tone with my family – being an example of calm, unrushed and collected (instead of chaos, hurriedness and crazy!)
  • Giving up my control issues without being forced to do so. Taking a step back and seeing that all opportunities aren’t my best yes. Handing over things that I have held so closely for so long – that are ultimately holding me back from my dreams.

What are you doing today to get your feet wet?

I’m desperate for God to move, more desperate than I have been in a long time. I want to be in the very midst of a revival that He starts within this little circle of carpet in my living room floor. This week has given me a glimpse that the fire can start in me – I just need to be willing to move.


2 thoughts on “Day 7: Make a Move

  1. From Kenny:
    Wake up children! Talk about Open The Eyes Of My Heart Lord!! Days 6&7 have stirred in me something new and alive. Deb, keep walking the rivers edge is not so far off.


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