Day 6: What do you think so far?

I’ve been hearing from several of you this week about your thoughts so far on the 40 Day Prayer Challenge. Thank you for your feedback! It is great to hear how different this challenge looks over the span of 20+ people. I want to hear the good, the great, the bad and the ugly. I want your REAL questions and struggles – that’s exactly why we have formed this group, to be a support for each other.As a result of those conversations, I thought it might be helpful to explain how the Prayer Challenge works and examples of what that looks like for different people.In my opinion, there are 3 key parts to this challenge for everyone participating:#1 Set a time and place to pray. Everyday. For 40 days.
You pick – there isn’t a wrong or right, just pick a time and place. I felt God was calling me to do something outside of my normal comfortable routine. I chose 6am. Even weekends. This looks like: Me rolling out of bed after hitting snooze only 2 times. I immediately grab my Bible, Draw the Circle book and my Journal. With sleepy eyes and the flashlight on my phone, I head straight downstairs, bad breath and all. I bow on my knees beside my couch and I start talking to God. It is not fancy. It is not formal. It usually starts, “Good morning, God – please help me stay awake.”  I just talk about whatever I’m thinking about. I pick up the Draw the Circle book and pray out loud things from previous days that I have underlined. I look at scriptures I have underlined or bookmarked recently and pray those. I also read and write in my journal while praying. I have been praying for about 25 minutes each morning during this week because of my family schedule. Note: I have never done anything like this in my life. This is WAYYY out of my comfort zone. I am not a morning person. I don’t do mornings. I would be fine with life starting at noon everyday. I don’t talk to people in the mornings. I don’t even talk happy to God, ya’ll! And this morning, I kid you not: I caught myself praying for someone and the ice maker started making a noise. I sure did say, “and Lord, help us monitor the ice to make sure there is enough…” WHAT???? Yeah, maybe I was getting a bit sleepy. I laughed. And then refocused back on people instead of ice.

For others, this looks like walking around the outside of your house, in the dark, at 5:15am every morning while talking to God. Or, praying on the way to work in your car because this is where you can focus the best part of your day without a distraction. Another person has felt in addition to their daily appointment, they are spending more time reading and studying instead of watching TV in the evenings – and they don’t even like to read! Do something that is out of your comfort zone. If you’re doing something you’ve always done in your prayer habits, you may not feel there is a point to this whole thing. If you’re having trouble keeping your appointments, ask someone on this team to hold you accountable. Ask me!! And if you miss, catch up. Don’t quit. Or I will come hunt you down.

#2 Your Prayer Focus – What am I supposed to be praying about? What if I don’t have a focus?
Yes, the book references the goal of circling something in prayer. I want to remind you of this quote in the beginning of the book:

Confession: I have not nailed down my Prayer Challenge focus! Don’t think you’re doing this wrong if you don’t know yet. Keep asking God to reveal that to you. And in the meantime, JUST KEEP PRAYING!God has been dealing with me for about a month or more to slow down and unrush myself. Today was the clearest example yet of how doing this ONE THING can impact my life and my family in a significant way. For this reason, I am spending a lot of time in prayer talking to God about this topic and it may be my focus for the rest of the challenge (or longer). Does this mean that’s all I pray about? No. It is however included every morning in my prayers. And I’m praying about the domino effect – how this one thing impacts so many other aspects of my life.What if I have two focuses? Does it matter? Nope. Could I pick both? Yep. My best advice is to ask God to reveal to you what to pray about. Maybe talk to others about their topics.Here are several topics from the team so far:
Being Awakened
A Family Member
Having those that know me best respect me the most

Don’t allow this one part to trip you up. Just keep prayin’…just keep prayin’…just keep prayin’!

#3 Read the corresponding “Day” in our book: Draw the Circle
This book is what we are using as a group to guide our journey for 40 days. I highly recommend reading everyday. If you skip days, it will add up and it will be harder to catch up. It has absolutely helped me to focus my prayers and thoughts by reading the daily section in the book.

An additional option to go deeper is this daily online update that I am providing. I don’t intend for these updates to be as long going forward. This is to be a quick touch point where you can feel free to share your experiences, comments and questions to the group. Note: This online site is optional. Use it if you need it and like it. If it makes you feel overwhelmed, just focus on praying and come here when you can. You won’t hurt my feelings at all, promise 🙂 I like being connected to the group and seeing what others have to say – so I will be here for 40 days!

Now listen, ya’ll – Day 6, there’s some GOOD STUFF:
“God won’t answer 100 percent of the prayers we don’t pray.” (pg 43)

“Desperate times call for desperate measures.
(pg 43)

“There are times when you need to do whatever it takes. You need to grab hold of the horns of the altar and not let go. You need to dare demonic forces to a duel. You need to do something crazy, something risky, something different.”
(pg 44)

I dare you to get on your knees and pray consistently for 40 days and see what happens. I double dog dare you. I triple dog dare you.

This is the one simple point: pray.


13 thoughts on “Day 6: What do you think so far?

  1. From Aunt Deb:
    Starr, Are you and I the only ones using the comment section?? I LOVE your daily posts. I was praying to God this morning as I ran/walked my “laps”, God…do you think this is stupid? An old woman, up at 5:15, running around the house like a crazy person!! I began to think…the people who’ve done “crazy” things to show God their commitment…this is DEFINITELY out of my comfort zone. The first day….”Wow, this is going to be easy, no problem!!” Now it’s starting to be a forced effort!! Don’t know WHY He impressed upon me to do it…just doing it. It is so funny that God is impressing upon you to “simplify” your life. I’ve been struggling with the same thing. At my age I can’t go like I used to! My focus is Steve and Zack (Steve, especially)…that God would take ahold of them and shake them into realizing that they are NOTHING without him. To make them so miserable that they HAVE to do something about their indifference with God. Love you, aunt deb


    1. Ohhhhhh Aunt Debra!!! I have said all along that you and I are the CRAZY ones 🙂 The rest of the group just hasn’t figured out what to think of us yet! Hahah. I don’t care if it is me and you commenting every single day. I LOVE hearing from you and I love more than anything how God is using this time to bring us closer than we’ve ever been – across the miles. If I lived near you I would hop in my car and come walk that yard with you. Think about the legacy you are leaving in a place that has so much significance to our family. Makes me want to cry thinking about it. Think about granny and the circles that have been prayed on that land before your crazy morning walks. Think about what is yet to come in your family!! Grab hold of the altar and don’t let go!! I’m believing for Zack and Steve as well. We are on the verge of seeing God move in a mighty way in our family. I love you and please keep commenting. Have a fabulous Friday and tell your students Hiiiiiiii 🙂


  2. From Melissa:
    Today’s reading was for me. Your blog and in the book. I am praying and I am praying! We have to pray to get answers. Thank you Starr for always keeping it real! Love you bunches!!! Thank you for being obedient to Lord and his calling!


    1. Melissa, my encourager, my friend!!! You keep praying and keep having church in your car. AND listen to your choir CDs as well hahah. God is up to something and He has put us together for a reason! Love ya right back at ya!!!


  3. From Karen:
    My time is at 8 pm. To stop focus only only God. I read your blog Starr. Usually write a comment because you always say something that touches my heart. Then read the chapter in Draw the Circle. Lastly I pray and write in my journal which I started in 1999. I used to write daily. I have gone back to some very special prayers for my children an usually weep before The Lord. I see how he has worked in their life but some need his saving grace. I have know my 8 grandchildren to my prayer time. I have drawn my circle around my kids and grand kids.


    1. Karen, I had no idea you have kept a journal for that long! Thank you for sharing what your appointments look like, how keeping a journal has been worthwhile and also for sharing about your circles. Love you!


      1. I started the journal in 1999 but I was not consistent with and stopped altogether in 2002. I wish I keep it up. Know that I am a little wiser I will keep it going.


  4. From Kenny:
    Starr I just want to say thanks, I’ve told you I don’t get it? But I do look forward to each appointment with God and something inside me is waiting with excitement to here the great things are happening within our circle.


  5. From Diane:
    I am with you Starr, not a morning person. I haven’t decided yet if my time wil be morning or evening. Seem to like the idea better of starting my day with God on my knees and giving Him all of my undivided attention. Shame on me for talking to Him as I make the bed and calling that time wth God. Thank you again Starr


    1. Yes, Diane – He is surely happy anytime that we talk to Him. But, if we want to go deeper in our walk, He will sometimes prompt us to to things a bit differently so that we are captured completely in His presence!


  6. I played with my God appointment and have now decided it is at 8 pm, I am a morning person, not a night person! I like to be in bed at 8 winding down. So I’m staying up and having my time with God! It has been amazing, I read from the circle maker about him writing his 7 miracles he wanted on a rock and praying over that rock, I will have you to know at 9 pm last night I went outside and picked a rock and wrote my 7 miracles I want to happen on that rock and I am going to pray that 7th time even if I feel like it’s crazy! This has definitely opened my eyes to see what I have been missing out on! Thanks so much for getting this started!


    1. Meghan, how cool is that?? I think we all need to show up at your house to get our own rocks!! That part of the Circle Maker book inspired me to make my own list as well – but mine is on a plain piece of paper…BORING…haha! So glad that you are praying circles around the dreams that God has placed in your heart. Keep circling!!!


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