Day 5: Why I Write

Hi friends! We have a few new people joining the team today, so welcome! We are so glad you’re here and that you’re diving in with us in this 40 day journey about prayer.

Today’s topic is all about writing. If you haven’t started a prayer journal, maybe you should. The outline for today gives many reasons why it can be helpful. I have been keeping my journal with me all day so that I can review if needed or add notes I think about to reference later in my prayers.

The topic of writing is very personal for me in this season of my life. You may or may not know that I have felt for a while that God is leading me to write. I have spent many restless months avoiding that calling.

Finally, it hit me:

“Do the things you’ve always done and get the results you’ve always gotten.”

If I never make myself bunker down and write, I will never write. Genius. There will never be enough time. I will never feel qualified. I will always doubt the sentences I type and delete and type and delete and type. You get the idea.

But, if I never start, I’ll never make any progress.

14 days ago I started writing. And then I wrote the next day. And then I wrote the next day. 14 days and counting. The more I wrote, the more I craved writing. The more I wrote, the more time I made for writing.

This has not come without sacrifice. Less sleep. Less Facebook (and oh, ya’ll – how I love me some Facebook – totally my guilty pleasure!!). Less appointments on the calendar.

There is no magic pill for getting something you’ve never had. It takes work. And I guess I’m realizing more everyday that when the desire and ache for something truly gets deep enough inside, you’ll do something to change your habits. Until then, you may just continue like I did – call it a day and hope that tomorrow you find the chance.

What is that something that God is tugging at in you? Are you in a rut and can’t get out? Do you feel that God is asking you to take a crazy leap of faith?

Has the desire and ache gotten strong enough that you are willing to change something in your routine?

I would like to challenge us all: What one thing are we going to do about it TODAY? No matter if it’s writing 100 silly words, gone are the days of hoping that being a writer will just come together and happen for me…

Remember the news journalist from today’s story? “…it took a decade of working like it depended on her and praying like it depended on God for her dream to come true.” (pg 41 Draw the Circle)


ps – I’m so grateful that you are reading what I write. I love ya’ll from the bottom of my heart.

4 thoughts on “Day 5: Why I Write

  1. From Aunt Deb:
    God is SO funny!! I really do think he is amused at some of our “revelations”. I was telling yesterday that I’m really getting into this journaling aspect of the Challenge and will continue it afterwards…and then what does God allow the subject today to be in Draw the Circle?? Journaling…it’s like he bopping me on the head and saying DUH!!! I love it…can’t wait to see what God has in store for ALL of this team. We’ve been pulled together for a reason…ultimately to bring Honor and Glory to Him! Happy Thursday, ya’ll!! 🙂


  2. From Diane Campbell:
    Thank you so much for inviting to be a part of this transition which is going to take place in all of us, I am so thankful and humble as i join this group of brother and sisters in christ. This book and this experience is really what I need at this time. Mark Batterson truly had me in mind when he wrote this book, I Sat down Friday morning and read up to day 6 and didn’t want to put it down. My book is already full of marks and yellow highlights. Can’t wait to get “The Circle Maker” and add this to my days reading also. OH! and a Prayer Journal. Now I must establish a time for all this to happen, this will be my greatest challenge.


    1. Diane – we are glad you are here! God will multiply our time with Him in ways we can’t understand and give us an ability to be more resourceful with our moments throughout the day – I truly believe that!!


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