Day 3: This is AHHMAZING!

There is a scene in the movie, Frozen – where the two little girls are playing in the newly created falling snow. The tiny princess lets out a yell, “This is AHHHHHMAZING!!”Here, it only takes 5 seconds to watch:

Doesn’t that just make you wanna giggle and laugh and dance around with her?

That’s how I feel about this new journey that we’re on. I’m encouraged by your stories that you have shared with me in the comments, in your text messages, and in your conversations! I’m really excited because I see the fire that has started deep in my bones coming through in you too. And I’m jumping up and down saying, “This is AHHHHMAZING!”

Pretty perfect that Day 3 of our Draw the Circle book is labeled: Amazing Things!

The word CONSECRATE – not a particularly fun or amazing word in my mind. But, I love how it tells us exactly what that means: to set apart, to be designated for a special purpose, to be completely dedicated to God. (Draw the Circle, pg 27).

Yes, Lord! I want all of that. I know that You have a special purpose. Set me apart!

Now for some real life experience: I have never truly practiced kneeling in prayer in my home, that I can remember anyways. Yes, I kneel at the altar at church. And maybe there was a time I knelt in the spare bedroom when I was seeking God for a specific decision that I had to make. But, just kneeling randomly for normal prayers? No.

I have felt since I started reading about the Circle Maker that God was calling me to be obedient and to stop what I’m doing and acknowledge Him in my prayers – completely. I’m good at praying in the shower, praying in the car, praying while I’m drying my hair. Check. Stopping and giving my full undivided attention? No.

A few nights ago, I got brave before going to sleep. It wasn’t so bad because Brian was already asleep. So I just knelt and had a good time with the Lord. Then, the next morning I came downstairs to do the same. Very good – all by myself. Then, the next night I went to go to sleep and Brian was still awake. Why in the world did I lay there worried about how he might think his wife has gone crazy????? WHYYYY??? So, I just said it, “Honey, don’t think I’m going crazy, but I’m going to kneel down here by the bed and pray.”

Of course he didn’t think I was crazy. But it took way more courage to do that in front of someone, anyone! Then, just last night – I fought the urge to not stinkin’ kneel down again. I tried to justify that I had just written for 15 minutes in my prayer journal and that surely counted as enough in God’s eyes. He didn’t need me to get on the floor. Silly.

Yes, He did. Last night was probably the best prayer by my bed that I’ve had yet. My heart just poured out before Him, broken and spilled out.

And if you read pg 28 from today’s reading – you’ll see that God expects this obedience out of us. “I knew the Lord was testing me to see if I’d be willing to obey Him whenever, wherever, whatever….And I knew that if God could trust me with the little things, then He could use me to do big things.” (Draw the Circle)

Go do something today that seems crazy, it’s totally worth it! Go do AHHHMAZING things!


2 thoughts on “Day 3: This is AHHMAZING!

  1. From Karen:
    It’s so funny that you should mention kneeling because since we have started this challenge when I have been ding my pray time with God it has been on my knees. God said I need you to pay me some attention. Not Kenny, not the kids, not the dirty laundry or dishes. Just me. My heart has been poured out like never before. Maybe on our KNEES is the place God can have our undivided attention.


    1. Karen – there are several of us God is calling us to our knees. It is very humbling and is something I’ve never done like this. Come close to God and God will come close to you, indeed!!


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