It’s Almost Here!

Draw The Circle – The 40 Day Prayer Challenge
“Team Prays-a-Lot”

Hi, I’m Starr!
I stumbled upon a book called “The Circle Maker” while staying in a hotel for a 2 night “get out of town with my husband because I’m going crazy mini vacation.” Our favorite little getaway in the mountains has scriptures on the walls, books in the rooms and lots of peaceful settings to just sit and think. This book was laying on the desk when we arrived. I’d heard of the book and had always wanted to read it. No better time than the present.

I could not put this book down.

And I also couldn’t write in it, or take notes, or highlight – because it wasn’t mine!!! So, I took lots of photos with my phone to remember, ha! And also, it would never be good to take a book that doesn’t belong to you, much less a PRAYER book!

This book has changed my perspective and is very timely in my life. I could take all day to tell you why, but you don’t need to worry about those boring details. Just know that God is stirring something in my heart. He’s also stirring something in my husband’s heart. I finally purchased my own copy of the Circle Maker – and that very night at 5am, I found my husband downstairs in the recliner – still up after reading all night…

Draw the Circle
is by the same author and dives deeper into the journey introduced by the Circle Maker. We’re glad you’re here with us and we can’t wait to see what God is going to do in and through us over the next 40 days!

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the Intro of The 40 Day Prayer Challenge:

“If you press into God’s Presence like never before, you will experience God like never before.”

“If you want God to do something new in you, you cannot keep doing the same old thing.”

“You have to do something different. And if you do, God will create new capacities within you.”

“But you’ve got to pay the price.”

“You’ll get out of this what you put into it.”

“Don’t be surprised if you experience spiritual opposition along the way.”

“The goal isn’t to get what you want at all. The goal is to figure out what God wants, what God wills. Then you start circling it in prayer and don’t stop until God answers.”

How’s the 40 Day Challenge going to work?

What do I pray about?
You don’t have to know on day 1 what your focus will be. The purpose of this challenge is to get into God’s presence so He can reveal that to us.

Start/End dates
Our original challenge went from August 24 to October 2.

Where? When?
Make a daily appointment by determining a time and place to pray – and keep that appointment, consistently for 40 days. You decide. It doesn’t matter where or when. This is your choice. Ask God what He wants you to do if you’re unsure. Ask others in this group what they are doing for ideas.

Set an alarm or alert on your phone/clock or calendar.

For me, my time will be early mornings around 6am because that is the most out of my comfort zone. It would be much easier to do late at nights, but I need to do something I haven’t done to get something I’ve never had.

My place will be at my desk. My prayers will include a lot down on my knees (literally) and a lot of written prayers. Written prayers help me because I can go back and review them to see how God is working in my life when I need to be reminded of His faithfulness.

Have someone else in this group help hold you accountable. Ask everyday of each other if you kept your appointment. If not, encourage each other to keep going and not give up. If so, give a high five! I will be happy to be accountability for anyone that wants it. Accountability has been huge for me in the past year and it can really help if you struggle with sticking to a goal. Remember, you’ll get out of this what you put into it.

If you miss an appointment, it is OK. Just be sure to make it up as soon as possible. Life throws the unexpected. Just don’t allow something to get in the way over and over. We can do this!

The Challenge is: Find Out About Prayer

Daily Check in/Summary from Starr

I have created this online home for the purpose of a daily check in with everyone on the team.

There will be a place for you to respond with comments on our posts if you would like to share your insights or experiences with the rest of the group. This is optional. Just know that what you share can help others in ways you can’t even imagine. You could say something that sparks a fire in someone’s heart. You could bring up a struggle that someone else is dealing with. Sharing is good, indeed!

Now, let’s get started! Get the book. Read the Intro. Set an Appointment. Begin the Challenge!


Click the links below to learn more about the Challenge:

Meet the Original Team


4 thoughts on “It’s Almost Here!

  1. From Karen:
    Just read the into. Very excited about this challenge. Thanks Starr for getting all us together to do this with you. Can wait to see how God moves in all our lives. Now I just have to up with an appointment time????


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